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Travis Martinez Memorial Trades Scholarship

BVBOR is proud to announce the Awardees of the Travis Martinez Memorial Trades Scholarships.  Two scholarships for $1,000.00 each were offered in 2024.  These meaningful community awards are made possible by your good will and support of BVBOR.  Please give these two young people a positive thought as they graduate and go forward to pursue a career in the Trades!!

Ethan Porter will graduate from Florence-Carlton High Schoolwith a GPA of 3.95 and will pursue the Trades as a Lineman.  Ethan will be enrolling at the Highlands College at Montana Tech.

Austin Ward will be a graduate of Darby High School with a 3.5 GPA and a desire to earn certificates in Welding and Heavy Equipment.  Austin is hoping to enroll at Bridgerland Technical College in Utah.

“As an organization BVBOR believes that an education in the Trades is a most important part of developing our future workforce,” said Mike Kent, President of BVBOR.  “These scholarships exemplify the spirit and forward-thinking of our friend and colleague, Travis Martinez.  We congratulate Austin Ward and Ethan Porter.”

Skilled trades are the backbone of our society and can provide lucrative, stable career opportunities. Higher education in the Trades will set a firm foundation to build their career on.

Any current trade school student or graduating High School Senior in Ravalli County may apply if they will pursue a building, industrial, or mechanical trades career. Eligible applicants must provide a Cover Letter to the BVBOR Scholarship Committee; answer five questions; and include a Letter of Recommendation from a teacher, friends, or neighbor.

Please write a formal Cover Letter to the BVBOR Scholarship Committee and include the following information:

  • Name, Address, Phone Number and Email Address
  • Name of High School
  • Cumulative GPA
  • Career Goals
  • How the scholarship will help you financially
  • List community service activities, clubs and organizations you are a part of

Send your Cover Letter, answers to the five scholarship application questions, and a letter of recommendation to Admin@BVBOR.org

Travis Martinez was a man, husband, father, and a professional with a great heart who made a positive mark in the Bitterroot Valley. Travis served his country in the military and served the people of the Valley with his indominable and gracious spirit. This scholarship is named in honor of Travis Martinez.

Scholarship Application Questions
  1. Which trades are you working in or which trade do you plan to pursue after graduation?
  2. What sparks your interest about this particular trade?
  3. A person entering the trades should be able to think outside the box, be creative, and be able to problem solve. Give some specific examples of things you currently do or things you have done that require these types of skills (example. Working on engines, welding projects, building projects, etc)
  4. A great applicant is someone who truly wants to enter the trades after graduating and has developed a plan to achieve their goals. Be specific (Do you have a job lined up? Are you considering approaching any employers? Have you researched courses or schools? Work Study? Apprenticeship Programs?)
  5. If the committee were to call an adult in your life who really knows you well, why would they recommend you for this scholarship?

Living in Ravalli County, Montana

This resource guide is courtesy of the Ravalli County Sherff’s Office. 

Click on View Booklet and then turn the pages by clicking and dragging to learn all about living in Ravalli County.

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