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Septic Regulations

Ravalli County Septic Regulations | Effective July 1, 2021

If the property description does not match thet septic permit, systems are deemed NON-CONFORMING

A septic system is determined by the number of bedrooms in a home and designed to meet the anticipated capacity listed on the permit. 

Non-conforming systems are considered FAILED may not be lawfully used or altered unless granted a variance or otherwise remedied. 

Reasons the Ravalli County Department of Environmental Health may review permitting for any system:

  • Property listed and advertised for sale
  • After sale to inform the new owner
  • Owner request
  • Interested buyers’ request
  • Complaints made to environmental Health
  • Tax assessor shows property changes

Additional Information

  • Septic is a wastewater treatment system.
  • The July 1, 2021 Regulations apply to septic systems installed on or after December 31, 1982.
  • Any room for the primary purpose of sleeping is considered a BEDROOM.
  • An unfinished basement is considered a bedroom.
  • Increased Use is considered any change or enlargement that would increase effluent flow. I.E. Adding bedrooms, building additions, connecting occupied buildings, etc. 
  • A property description of bedrooms matches the number of bedrooms on the existing permit is considered a CONFORMING SYSTEM.
  • A NON-CONFORMING system may not be lawfully used or altered unless granted a variance or otherwise remedied.
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